• Ravyn Lenae 528x476

Ravyn Lenae

United States

RAVYN LENAE has a voice that could stop traffic. The 19-year old Chicago native, part of fellow Laneway 19’er Smino’s Zero Fatigue crew, released her Crush EP this year (feat. '4 Leaf Clover').  A collaboration with Laneway alum Steve Lacy, the EP has an easy-going smoothness to it, enhanced by Lenae’s preternaturally soulful voice. Championed  by the likes of Pitchfork, the New York Times and others, she’s funny, fierce and a vital new voice within contemporary RnB, a rising star we’re honoured to host on her first Australian tour. Catch her at Laneway ‘19 before she absolutely blows up. reckons she’s the future of RnB - get in on the ground floor here


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