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Parquet Courts

United States

Our fave New Yorkers PARQUET COURTS return to Australia off the back of their new album Wide Awake!, their fifth since their formation eight years ago. It’s an album about independence and individuality but also about collectivity and communitarianism. There’s also a freshness here, a breaking of new territory that’s testament to the group’s restless DIY spirit.  In part, this may be attributed to the fact that it’s produced by Brian Burton, better known as Danger Mouse, but it’s also simply a triumph of their songwriters’ art. The songs, written by Austin Brown and Andrew Savage are filled with their traditional punk rock passion, as well as a lyrical tenderness, but are elevated to even greater heights by the dynamic rhythmic propulsion of Max Savage (drums) and Sean Yeaton (bass). It’s been a minute between drinks for Parquet Courts and Laneway, and it’s thrilling to have old friends return.

All four members of the band went deep on Wide Awake with here


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