• Mitksi 528x476


United States

Your best American girl MITSKI is making her Laneway debut in 2019. We think her fifth album Be The Cowboy is one of the most exciting indie-rock records of the year (feat. 'Nobody'), a mish-mash of different genres and styles all held together by her brilliant songwriting and singular voice. You don’t just have to trust us though - she gained a fan in Lorde, who invited Mitski to open her Melodrama tour last year, as well as Iggy Pop, who called Mitski ‘the most talented living American songwriter’ on his radio show. High praise indeed, but we’re sure Mitski will live up to it and more at Laneway ‘19.

Head to here for the ultimate background reading on Mitski’s Be The Cowboy, plus some beautiful (exclusive) photography.


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