• High Beams 528x476

High Beams

New Zealand

Three of the brightest local talents in the new generation of hip hop artists have joined forces to create HIGH BEAMS, showcasing IllBaz's unique production chops with two of the best rappers in the game - Melodownz and Raiza Biza. High Beams also collaborated with the all-star line-up of Teeks, Che Fu, Dirty (Eno x Dirty) and High Hoops to create an album that reflects their experiences of living here in New Zealand, themes they each think about often. Says Raiza Biza.“With Baz being from Palestine, myself being from Rwanda, and Melo being Polynesian, we see and deal with these issues daily. Most of our common ground lies in what makes us different, but at the end of the day, we are young people who want to be happy. Not different to other young people.” Adds IllBaz, "We're just bringing it home and putting it in the music so it can’t be ignored.” There’s no way High Beams can be ignored, the long-range focus looks set to stay on them. With their sultry smooth jazz/soul tinged beats, mixed styles and superb flow, make sure to catch them at Laneway and be prepared to get caught up in their bright light and swept away by their summer grooves.


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