• Bene 528x476


New Zealand

From Grey Lynn via Morningside, 18-year-old BENE arrives at Laneway with a bunch of mates, a hot band in tow and a killer set of songs that mix indie-slack fun with a little R&B swing. And a voice to die for. Appearing online a few months ago with the hooks with attitude track “Tough Guy” Bene turned heads including Sniffers, who fell for the track’s “cliff diving guitars and synth bass” and “stripped back canyon full of melody”. Recording at Morningside’s Golden Age studio with producer Josh Fountain of Leisure, Bene followed “Tough Guy” with the new release “Soaked” and has more tasty tracks lined up for release in coming months. Look out for this incredibly promising new local talent gracing the stage at Laneway 2019.


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