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Laneway Festival's new Auckland home welcomes you to a beautiful new era with two stages in the lush and spacious Albert Park, the main stage on Princes Street and the Thunderdome finally gets more space down the laneway-like Alfred Street. There'll be more of all the good things - space, shade, grass, boutique bars and Auckland’s best street food.

Recycling - Please be aware of the separate bins for your rubbish and place accordingly. Recycling will benefit us all.

Free Water - There will be water stations for your convenience however we ask that you bring your own vessel. Reduction of the waste on site will be greatly enhanced. The plastic cups usually provided leave an enormous mess.

Please do not drive to Laneway - there is no parking available around the festival site. The nearest public carpark is the Kitchener street carpark.

Walking - Laneway Festival is located a short seven minute walk from Britomart - you just walk up the hill to the park.

Busses - are running to the festival site - the red link bus will be running all day as well as ferries coming and going for the downtown ferry terminal

Taxis - A taxi stand is set up on Wellesley street at the conclusion of the show

2018 Event Terms & Conditions - New Zealand


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